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US-2007167770-A1: Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus patent, US-2007211629-A1: Method and system for controlling wireless LAN route, apparatus for managing wireless LAN, and wireless LAN access terminal patent, US-2007211934-A1: Optimized video stitching method patent, US-2007214537-A1: Face guard for a hockey helmet patent, US-2007252855-A1: Multi-mode pulse width modulated displays patent, US-2007285604-A1: Protection sheet and liquid crystal display including the same patent, US-2008000814-A1: Sorting system having storage modules for flat mail items with last-in/first-out operation and improved address assignment patent, US-2008039088-A1: Radio Communication Terminal and Communication Method patent, US-2008059798-A1: Entry control system patent, US-2008072775-A1: Print and Platen Equalizer patent, US-2008125296-A1: Apparatus for Exercising Deep Abdominal and Back Muscles patent, US-2008150540-A1: Fuel cell evaluation method and fuel cell evaluation apparatus patent, US-2008163032-A1: Systems and methods for error detection in a memory system patent, US-2008182676-A1: Safety and interlock system for use with an automatic bowling pinsetter patent, US-2008232395-A1: Apparatuses and methods for multi-antenna channel quality data acquisition in a broadcast/multicast service network patent, US-2008234011-A1: Charging communication-adaptor for mobile device patent, US-2008265867-A1: Process for measuring bond-line thickness patent, US-2008271611-A1: Machine for heating and dispensing liquid or semi-liquid food products patent, US-2008280573-A1: Linear RF amplifier with polar feedback patent, US-2008287418-A1: Extended Release Compositions and Methods for Their Manufacture patent, US-2009044021-A1: Method, apparatus and article for off-line certification in mobile applications patent, US-2009044118-A1: User interface that conveys the predicted quality of a multimedia device prior to its creation patent, US-2009076635-A1: Digital Music System patent, US-2009076885-A1: Multiple Data Transfers to Generate User Dependent Lifestyle Choice Recommendation patent, US-2009082046-A1: Radiocommunication equipment patent, US-2009122496-A1: Electronic Module and Electronic Device patent, US-2009205912-A1: Electric parking brake patent, US-2009263029-A1: Method and apparatus for encoding/decoding 3d mesh information patent, US-2009263162-A1: Printed Circuit Board Printing System patent, US-2009291788-A1: Hydraulic actuator for belt type continuously variable transmission patent, US-2009294718-A1: Shut-off device patent, US-2009300880-A1: Door hinge for vehicle, having check function patent, US-2010057414-A1: Three Dimensional Geomorphic Simulation patent, US-2010058767-A1: Swirl angle of secondary fuel nozzle for turbomachine combustor patent, US-2010067778-A1: Apparatus and method for pattern inspection patent, US-2010075216-A1: Battery pack patent, US-2010084944-A1: Vibration actuator patent, US-2010101051-A1: Hinge and collapsible device utilizing the same patent, US-2010132454-A1: Apparatus for determining and/or monitoring at least one process variable patent, US-2010137945-A1: Automated verification of mri compatibility of active implantable medical device patent, US-2010142239-A1: Fully integrated multi-phase grid-tie inverter patent, US-2010194352-A1: Charging circuit, charging apparatus, electronic equipment and charging method patent, US-2010209271-A1: Fan motor apparatus having diffuser unit for vacuum cleaner patent, US-2010224131-A1: Automatic suckling system for calves with minimal weaning stress patent, US-2010231051-A1: Power latch patent, US-2010233986-A1: Receiver patent, US-2004078176-A1: Method for on-chip signal integrity and noise verification using frequency dependent RLC extraction and modeling techniques patent, US-2004088181-A1: Method and system for processing real estate transactions patent, US-2004090087-A1: Vehicle upper body structure patent, US-2004112136-A1: Acoustics-based diagnostics patent, US-2004118010-A1: Clothes dryer patent, US-2004121205-A1: Fuel cell end unit with integrated heat exchanger patent, US-2004121758-A1: Accounting advisor method, a mobile telecommunication device, a base station, and a computer software product for guiding a user of a mobile patent, US-2004128749-A1: Suction assisted urine collector patent, US-2004148682-A1: Protective hand guard patent, US-2004182046-A1: Induction sealing device for heat sealing packaging material patent, US-2004221222-A1: Method and apparatus for dedicated hardware and software split implementation of rate matching and de-matching patent, US-2004241080-A1: Catalyst supports and carbon nanotubes produced thereon patent, US-2005043548-A1: Automated monitoring and control system for networked communications patent, US-2005058461-A1: Optical transmission device patent, US-2005121252-A1: Steering control apparatus patent, US-2005135812-A1: Laser-based communications with a remote information source patent, US-2005186892-A1: Profile control platen patent, US-2005224196-A1: Mounting device for roller blinds patent, US-2005274650-A1: Blood separation systems in micro device format and fabrication methods patent, US-2006012408-A1: Differential clock input buffer patent, US-2006032204-A1: Actuating device for a pond care device for removing filamentous algae and weeds patent, US-2006044711-A1: Adustable speed drive protection patent, US-2006046688-A1: Medium sensing histogram for WLAN resource reporting patent, US-2006050206-A1: Liquid crystal display panel, method of inspecting the same, and inspection apparatus used for the same patent, US-2006077705-A1: Methods of accelerated life testing of programmable resistance memory elements patent, US-2006105086-A1: Device and method for absorbing excess fat from food patent, US-2006165589-A1: Process for the preparation of a hydrogen-rich stream patent, US-2006196060-A1: Device and process for alignment of machines, machine parts or other technical articles patent, US-2006231546-A1: Sensor assembly for determining the temperature state in an area of a heating surface patent, US-2006256658-A1: Source signature deconvolution method patent, US-2006271079-A1: High frequency treatment tool patent, US-2007003078-A1: Adaptive gain control system patent, US-2007011364-A1: Direct memory access controller supporting non-contiguous addressing and data reformatting patent, US-2007039728-A1: Hydrogeneration as an end product of a closed loop gaslift process employing LNG patent, US-2007062596-A1: Shaft rod and heald shaft patent, US-2007071200-A1: Communication protection system patent, US-2007074071-A1: Processor thermal management patent, US-2007076381-A1: Flexible circuit board with heat sink patent, US-2007085485-A1: Systems and methods for lighting control in flight deck devices patent, US-2007090248-A1: Supporting apparatus for lcd module patent, US-2007105803-A1: Methods and compositions for treating neurological disease patent, US-2007113903-A1: Twin duckbill valve assembly patent, US-2007158649-A1: Dual panel type organic electroluminescent display device patent, US-2007169823-A1: Swimming pool cleaners and overmolded components thereof patent, US-2007202722-A1: Lever type connector patent, US-2007221083-A1: Printing plate material, manufacturing method of the same, and plate-making method using the same patent, US-2007272032-A1: Static pressure tube apparatus, method, and system patent, US-2008010669-A1: Hiding in Sh interface patent, US-2008022605-A1: Gutter protector and system for attaching the same to roofs patent, US-2008073473-A1: Prop rod stowage feature incorporated on to washer/overflow bottle patent, US-2008101758-A1: Dust shutter for optical adapter patent, US-2008135781-A1: Substrate for mass spectrometry, and method for manufacturing substrate for mass spectrometry patent, US-2008164169-A1: Container for Holding Clamps patent, US-2008201227-A1: Interactive, Internet-based, trip planning, travel resource, travel community, virtual travel, travel-based education, travel-related gaming and virtual/live tour system, methods, and processes, emphasizing a user's ability to tailor complete travel, trip, route, game and touring choices to unique user-specified personal interests, preferences, and special requirements for self and companions patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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